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Honey comb is made entirely by honey bees. Honey comes from the nectar of flowers which ooze out of the blossoms. If honey bees did not gather this nectar, it would be lost forever. The bees pollinate their flower friends and in return, the bees are given the nectar. Bees carry the nectar back to their hives in special honey-tummy tanks. In the hive, nectar becomes honey. 

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Our Bees
On our farm we are working with two types of bees : Buckfast bee and Carniolan bee. Both of them are extremely gentle with low sting instinct. They are perfect for Scotland because they are doing very well in cold/wet days. Both are good honey producer and really " hard workers".
Our Farm
Our beehives are located on different farms in Aberdeenshire and on the Scottish hills full of heather.
Our Honey
Honey is an organic, natural sugar alternative with no additives that is easy on the stomach and adapts to all cooking processes.
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